External Lifts

External Platform Lifts can be an easy way to give access to your Property

The Lifts for Houses range of External Lifts / External Platform Lifts enable you to future proof your home. Re-locating due to disability or old age may not always an affordable option for everyone. By installing an external lift solution allows you to stay in your home, retaining your independence and at the same time making your home both accessible and enjoyable. We offer a range of External Lifts in a variety of designs, tailored to suit to your property, access needs and requirements.

External Lifts A Modern alternative to the traditional stairlift

If the prospect of cluttering up your staircase with a stairlift fills you with dread, or if available space is at a premium in your home, then External Lifts from Lifts for Houses are perfect for you. Our External Open Step Lifts or External Enclosed Platform Lifts can be installed in External positions and would also be an ideal solution for any New Home, which is perfect in every other way apart from a few steps! Contact us today for more details

External Lifts - A Modern alternative to the traditional stairlift
External Platform Lifts - An easy way to give access to your property

Why Opt for an External Lift solution?


External lifts are simple / quick to install and very easy to operate. Once your external lift is up and running, you’ll have access to your entire home independently. When it comes to ensuring easy access to your entire home, External Lifts are the ultimate modernisation addition that you can make.


Lifts for Houses External Lifts are a simple solution for existing properties that do not have enough available space inside, as well for those properties that are built on steep inclines where a traditional lift could not be used. Those lifts that are not directly fitted to the outside of the house or building, can have a small walk way into the property. Our External lifts can be designed and made to bespoke specifications to suit the facade of the property with a number of finishes to choose from.


With an ageing population, should you come to sell your home in the future, an external lift in your home becomes a very attractive option for potential buyers, as well as accommodating disabled or elderly visitors to your home.

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If your Lift is being installed as part of a Disabled adaptation to allow access to your property you may be able to apply for a grant application and also VAT Exemption.

Disability Grants

Domestic Lifts would not normally come under these regulations / for information purposes only

Part M building regulations Public Access

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)

CIBSE Guide D: Transportation Systems in Buildings 2015

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