Domestic home lifts with Mirror doors

We now offer Lifts with Stainless Mirror Finish doors. This gives a stunning affect and transforms a traditional Lift door into superb mirror. We continue to improve the features we can offer on our domestic home lifts to ensure we offer the largest range of products available in the home lift market place. These doors can enhance the quality of our Lifts and is available in both super Mirror or Bronze effect Mirror the type of finish that you would expect in a 5 star hotel brought to your home. Long gone are the days that only industrial type solutions were the only option for your home lift choice.

Home Lift with Mirror doors


New Small External Step Lift


We were asked to supply a non obtrusive Step Lift for our clients just outside of Nottingham. This was a domestic property and they did not want large side panels and gates onto the Lift. The result was to supply the Low up lift and our clients were delighted with the Robust but simple Lift. The ease of operation and the design of the lift were ideal for a small domestic lift installation.


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